Decorating with Curtains

So you have decided on decorating your windows, but you wish to understand how to decorate drapes so they look good together. There are a few essential rules to keep in mind, in addition to tips on the style of curtain which will work best with your chosen layout motif.

Example: You have a window that measures 36″ from wall to wall. In this example you would need curtains that would provide the highest allowable window width (width x2 = 72″) or two panels to get that same window. In this case two panels will provide you approximately 100″ to 110″ of total width that would seem nice and total. Always round down to the nearest whole number.

If you would like to use curtains to separate your chimney, do so by using numerous pieces of fabric that hang across the bottom edge of the window frame. The very first piece of cloth should hang in the window directly behind the window. The next piece of fabric should hang across the top edge of the other window, along with the next piece of cloth should hang from the top corner of this window to the other end. Remember to space out them so the 3 distinct pieces of fabric do not interfere with one another.

If you want to use curtains to split your windows into segments, then it’s possible to set the top piece of drapes over a single window and the bottom piece of curtains over the following window. Repeat with the third window too.

The amount of your curtain rod ought to be adjusted in line with the width and length of your windows. Don’t forget to add two inches to the length of the curtains. Remember to take into account the amount of space between the rod and the window frame when measuring. If you have to bring some additional height, it is going to help keep the curtain from sagging if it’s pulled back.

The Needle Shop instructions you now, you can set your curtain rod through the center of your cloth, either right below or over the window, whichever is the proper position. Now pull on the curtain to one side, and measure from the top edge to the bottom edge to locate the length of your curtain rod. {if you did it correctly the length will probably be exactly what you measured. Be certain that you stick to the pole line from wall to wall and from top to bottom.

Now you can attach your drape to your pole with your sewing needle. Now be certain to pack it properly to find the most even tension. Remember to tuck the backing under the pole for extra hold.

If you’ve decided to use more than one curtain, then you can now return and attach your other curtain to your other end of the pole. And that’s it – drapes are attached!

You can add extra curtains if needed, too. If you’ve added a new window in the room, then you just have to add another curtain to another window and you’re all set. In case you have two windows, and you need to replace the curtain in among these, then you can simply visit a store where curtain sticks are offered, buy a lengthy one and a short one, and then attach it to the shorter end of your rod and you have two long drapes that will match your window.

Do not forget to hang your curtains from the hook on the side of the rod. It’s also wise to add hooks on top of your curtain rod, if you have not added them.

It’s simple to hang your curtains if you’ve got a curtain rod that’s adjustable. This way you can change the height and length of your curtains without having to return and forth to make any adjustments.

You can buy your curtains online. If you are not an avid shopper, then you can always go directly to your regional retail store and purchase the curtains you want, or browse through their collection and then pick up some that you find fascinating.

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