Custom work

People are always requesting custom jobs for their home or wedding, and we don’t provide those services - but these talented folks do!

Upholstery: Upholstery by Jorge’s, Chicago

Custom interior sewing: Linda Fryling, Chicago

Custom quilting: Yvonne Malone Studio, Chicago

Custom bridal & formal wear: Blanca Moreno, Chicago.
Diana’s Bridal Shop, 4915 W. Diversey Ave. 773.637.5284

Sewing machines

Big-box stores like Target and Joann tend to carry machines that won’t stand up to many projects; it’s worth going Kenmore or stopping by the Singer store (4914 W. Irving Park Rd., 773.545.6834) to browse their new and used machines. Those new machines for $99 and under are cheap for a reason!

On a personal note, we’re not a fan of computerized machines until you’re talking super high end. We just haven’t seen the benefits to outweigh the increased probability of issues.

Used: Whether you’re sticking to a budget or going for old-world charm, buying/adopting a used machine has many benefits. Older machines tend to be more reliably powerful (meaning they’ll handle your bluejeans alterations without breaking a sweat) and can be a real money-saver. Look for all metal parts when possible - yes, they’re heavy but they last nearly forever. Most old machines can be repaired (a full-blown tuneup at the Singer Store costs $69), so keep that in mind when browsing garage sales and craigslist, ebay, etc. Don’t forget to make sure the power cord and pedal are included! Also the Singer Store carries a well-chosen selection of used machines that carry a one-year warranty.

Serger machines: Sergers run the gamut from mildly complex to wildly complex. Consider the reasonably priced and relatively simple Brother 1034d model. And if you need a guiding hand, contact us for a private serger class or check our class calendar for the occasional serger workshop.

Repair: Singer Factory Store. 4914 W. Irving Park Rd. in Chicago. 773.545.6834

Other vendors

Children’s sewing classes: Wishcraft Workshop They’re fully accredited and licensed, and offer a wide range of sewing and art classes for kids, as well as summer camp sessions. If you have an older kid, check in with them about private classes; they’re happy to adapt to individual students.


Other fabric stores

Vogue - Large selection of both interior and dress fabrics. TONS of great trims, ribbons, supplies. One on Roosevelt next to Fishman's, one in Evanston, 718 Main St.

Fishman’s - High end BEAUTIFUL fabrics (suitings, linens, silks, etc.)! Range of prices from moderate to extra pricey. 1101 S. DesPlaines, next to Vogue Fabrics

Textile Discount Outlet - Huge warehouse full of unexpected finds, this place will be easy on your wallet. 2121 W. 21st Street, Chicago.

Loomcraft - Way the heck out in Vernon Hills, but totally worth it! HUGE, nice selection of interiors fabrics at GREAT prices!

Calico Corners - National chain. Nice interiors fabrics, great selection, moderate to expensive. Check suburb nearest you.

Joann & Hancock Fabrics - Great for supplies and patterns, convenient but not a lot of great fabrics. Several around Chicago. - Where you can get your own fabric design printed in any yardage you want! Can’t find the perfect fabric anywhere? Do it yourself!

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